September 22, 2015

I chose you…

I chose you to love

I chose you to trust

I chose you for my always

I chose you to tell my secrets

I chose you to tell my fears

I chose you to share my greatest joys

I chose you to share my smiles and laughter

I chose you to protect my heart…

But you didn’t

Now I still choose you to love always, but for the others I’ve learned I can only choose myself


September 07, 2015

I write because…

I’m lost. I write because words are powerful.  They have the ability to ground us or free us.  I write because words are time machines.  They can transport us anywhere and anytime we need in the moment.  I write because a day will eventually come when I’m not here. Hopefully, in that time, my loves will still hear my voice and love for them through my written words.  I write because…I’m lost.

I’m lost and maybe, just maybe, in my writing I’ll find myself again.