Well, the act of jumping ship was a little harder than I thought it would be.  I gave notice and made all my plans, but things kept changing and led to more stress than I was already under.  Three things stayed solid the whole time though…my daughter’s joy (asking every day if it was ‘The Day’ in anticipation), my mother in laws encouragement and sound advice and my husbands support (regardless of anything else he fully stood by me for this jump).  Those three things are what got me through and kept me treading water after taking that first plunge.  I finally got past the point of ‘no return’ last Sunday after my last night shift was through and my final email sent off saying good-bye to a life I thought I would always be part of.

It has not been a life of leisure this past week though.  On the contrary, I’ve probably been busier than I was before.  Dr. appointments, learning the ropes for working at home, commiting to part time with a new agency, starting (barely) to catch up on the long neglected housework, homeschooling and being a wife and mom again.  Over all it’s been everything I wanted it to be.  Busy, but with purpose and enjoyment.  I have cooked/baked every day for my family, I have had time to relax in bed in the mornings, I have read bed time stories each evening and slept comfortably through the nights, I have discovered that I am needed and I am wanted here more than the money I was making.  And that makes it all worth it.

I would say Week One was a definite success and although I expect there to be rough patches I am so happy with my decision and just maybe I saw a bit of a sparkle in the mirror this morning.