I remember a small moment years ago. A brief moment in our lifetime together that will last forever in my heart. It was the first time I felt truly happy, truly content and truly safe in a long time.

It was late spring in the middle of a beautiful afternoon. I lay on your bed, sunshine warming my skin and a light breeze whispering through the open window. There are birds whistling a tune to one another outside and a light smell of jasmine fragrants the air. I hear you in the other room singing quietly about following an angel.  I am happy. I am content. I am safe.

At some point I doze off, but wake shortly to your presence. I wake to you gently running your fingertips up and down my spine. I wake to the warmth of you laying beside me and to your breath softly tickling my skin. I wake to you happy, content and safe.

I look at you, into your eyes, and in that moment everything is right. Everything is as it should be….is meant to be. In that moment I sparkle. I finally sparkle again…I can feel it. You draw it out from the depths of me and make my soul shine. And in that moment I choose happiness, contentment and safety. I choose you.  In that moment that will last forever I choose you. And, I’ve chosen you every day since…again and again.