morro rock

Dear visitors of our quaint little coastal town…

I am by no means an amazing driver.  I myself have had a recent speeding ticket (first in twenty years of driving though) and have a ‘fix-it’ ticket under my belt.  I also frequently get thinking of unrelated things while driving and forget to turn into places…like my own driveway.  This creates a fair amount of turning around for me and frustration for my husband.  I do have a few driving pet peeves though that so many of our visitors seem to be determined to commit.

First, it is a giant beautiful rock I’ll give you that.  However, you do not need to stop in the middle of the street to take pictures of it…it’s not going anywhere.  Please pull to the curb and snap shot away.  Or better yet enjoy a walk along the little boardwalk that leads right up to it.  Next up, seagulls will MOVE for you.  If you are in the parking lot and there are seagulls go at a normal speed and they will shoo away.  They are not a herd of sheep blocking the road you need to wait for.  They have wings they will take flight if you get too close.  Third on my pet peeve list…stop signs.  These work the same way as whatever state or city you are visiting from.  When a vehicle in front of you takes their turn to go you are NOT an extension of their vehicle!  You can not just tag along with them like a lost puppy.  It’s cheating and you throw off the whole system.  Finally visitors (and some residents) I know a round-a-bout can be a little tricky.  However, if you don’t know how to signal appropriately while in it then please just don’t.  I’d rather know that you are confused going through it then think you are going to actually complete the action your signal is indicating.

Please, understand that I still love having you all here boosting our little towns economy, enjoying with us the beautiful place we live and loving it as much as we do.  I just wish you’d maybe drive more like you would at home (I hope!).


This local girl