1. 20150914_224606Our deepest fears are like dragons

Guarding our deepest treasures

-Rainer Maria Rilke

I guess I am the keeper of a herd of dragons. Who doesn’t have fears though?

Maybe you fear a new beginning or taking that next step.

Maybe the fear is the unexpected the not knowing what is to come.

Many of us fear loss….the loss of love, the loss of ones we care for, loss of whatever once was.

Some of us fear change or we may fear not changing.

Whatever those fears are, at the root of them is what we treasure most. For me it is this life I have worked so hard to build, but sometimes seems on the verge of crumbling. It is my daughter who I was told I could probably never have, but here she is…my miracle. It is my peace of mind, my serenity.

I’m taming my dragons, keeping them in line. I still let them out now and then (more now lately) to breathe a little fire and keep things well guarded.