She is beautiful as she runs up and down the beach in the setting sun.  I  see other people watching her as she chases the waves back and forth at the break and love that her innocence can bring a smile to their faces.  She stops and bends down in the sand hard at work with a long stick creating a masterpiece.  When I walk over I see she has written “I love u mom” surrounded by a heart.  She looks up at me glowing with a sparkle in her eye and my heart melts again; like it has a million times in the last four years.  She grabs my hand and laughing pulls me to the water where we dig our toes into the sand.  We stand there together her warm hand in mine as the cool pacific ocean washes over our feet again and again.  As the last rays of sun shine off her golden hair I bend down and tell her “Listen love.  Listen closely and you can hear the sun whisper goodnight at the very end”.  She turns her head slightly and strains to hear over the light wind and crashing waves the same sound I believed I might hear decades ago.  Just as the sun slips below the water in that brief moment when everything is on fire with its orange glow her smile widens and she glows brighter.  She half yells and half whispers “I hear it mama, I hear it!”.  I squeeze her hand and asks what it sounded like.  “It sounds like when my heart is happy” is her beautiful innocent reply.  In this moment my heart is happiest too and I almost believe I hear the contented sigh of the sun setting I always wished to hear as a young girl.  The sun has set, but she is still glowing and sparkling with her happy heart.  When everything else starts to turn grey she is always shining bringing color back to my life and whispering happiness back into my heart.

sandwriting maui sunsetflipflopsmaui

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Local Color.”