I am a person who used to be passionate about things.  A person who’s days were filled with dreams and ambitions.  A person who used to sparkle with hope and positiveness.  I was passionate about things like photography, camping, baking, reading and writing.  I was not necessarily great (or even good) at any of my passions, but they kept me excited and happy.  They were part of my sparkle.  Over the years I have slowly lost that ambition and hope and shine.  Things like illnesses, grief losing family, a job with trajedies daily, being over stressed and over tired have left little room for who I was to shine through.  There are still things that I love and that make me happy.  I just find that I don’t DO anything anymore except get through each day to the next.  I am hoping that by blogging I will find my passions again.  I will be forced to open my eyes and heart again to the things I love by having a focus of sharing them through my blog.  I will find my sparkle and my little paradise again.  And, hopefully (most importantly), my family will see my smile more, will hear my spontaneous laughter more and will share my new sparkle with me.